Tracy Abney, Vocal Coach

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Str8tUp Studio offers vocal coaching in Douglasville and Roswell, GA., for individuals 6+

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About Str8tUp Studio

"Building Confident Singers"

Str8tUp Studio was opened in 2011 by Vocal Coach, Tracy Abney. Str8tUp Studio was born out of Tracy’s desire to encourage, train, and “build confidence” in singers, helping them find their unique voice. Students that are teachable, committed to excellence, and willing to invest in ample practice time, are great candidates for Str8tUp Studio. Aware of the never-ending competition, comparisons, critics and challenges singers face, Str8tUp Studio sets students up to “win”, and be the best they can be, by offering training in:

Preparing for an audition • Vocal Health • How to practice • Extending the Vocal range • Staging • Posture • Breathing • Diction• Blending with other singers• Connecting with an audience• Working with a Mic• Using your stage• Sight-reading • Singing in the Chest, Mix and Head Voice • Major, Minor, Chromatic Scales• Ear Training • All State Chorus Audition Preparation and More!

Teaching Style

Str8tUp Studio incorporates healthy techniques that work for each individual, offering a positive environment with a heavy emphasis on goal setting. An incentive program is set up to encourage all students to practice, but not JUST practice. Education on how to practice is provided. Students receive a practice CD of healthy vocal/breathing exercises for them to work on that week. Personalized "Lesson Notes" with areas of focus are also provided. Tracy applies principles she has learned from her training and experiences with many different directors, producers and vocal coaches. Tracy has been privileged to work with Diane Abdi, Charlsa Taul, Harris Wheeler, Majorie Halbert, Chris And Carole Beatty, Christy Sutherland, Brett Manning, Dave Williamson and Tom Jackson.